Post Tenebras


Lighting the Beacons in Negative World

November 1-2 , 2024

Evangelical Reformed Church,

Tacoma, Washington

The Beacons are Lit

Screwtape and his nephew Wormwood have been busy at work these many decades since the Enlightenment. For a ​rather long season they have enjoyed a great deal of freedom of movement, casting their dark spell upon the world. They ​have been busy inventing lies about the origin of the cosmos and the creatures who live there, undermining the ​sufficiency of Scripture through their so-called “Higher Criticism,” sowing seeds of discontent and envy, spinning their ​revisionist history, all in an effort to suppress the truth in unrighteousness.

Universities, Seminaries, and Churches, whose original aim was to exuberantly proclaim “Joy to the World, the Lord has ​come, let earth receive her King” and to instruct her pupils in how to take every thought captive to Christ, instead have ​been lulled to sleep by generations of instruction in the dark art of ingratitude, Cultural Marxism, Critical Theory, and the ​sacrificing of babies on the altar of personal peace and affluence. Instead of rejoicing in thanksgiving for the good gifts ​that God has bestowed upon His children, we were taught to despise our “privilege” by calling evil, good, and good, evil.

But the Lord, in His kindness has been gracious to preserve a remnant of Saints, faithfully plodding, daily donning their ​armor, and wielding the Sword of the Spirit in the fighting back of darkness. Their prayers have not returned void. The veil ​is being lifted as the Spirit has been at work these last several years, effectively breaking the spell of these cowardly ​tongues. So-called Shepherds who once enjoyed the cover of esteem and respectability among the sheep, have now ​been revealed to be jackals and blind guides in shepherd’s clothing. The warning cries have gone out, and the beacons ​have been lit. Faithful torch bearers are igniting the beacons along mountain and hilltops, along the sea coasts and ​byways across the land. Word of the loosening power of the spell of darkness has begun to spread quickly, signaling the ​Saints to once more pick up the Banner of Truth. A loud shout goes forth from the frontlines, “Post Tenebrous Lux!” After ​the darkness, light.”


Dr. Glenn Sunshine

Senior Fellow at the Colson Center for the Christian Worldview

Vishal Mangalwadi

Social reformer, political columnist,​ Indian Christian philosopher, writer ​and lecturer.

Pastor C.R. Wiley

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Battle Ground, WA

Dr. John West

Vice President and Senior Fellow of the Discovery Institute

Pastor Rich Hamlin

Evangelical Reformed Church

Tacoma, WA

Pastor Dmitriy Spatare​l

Pastor Veritas Bible Church

F​ederal Way, Washington

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